Attract New Donors with a Digital Donor Wall

Step into the future of donor recognition with a digital donor wall.

Fundraising can be challenging, particularly in an uncertain economy. The dollars that you secured yesterday are not guaranteed for tomorrow. Organizations reliant on bequests must constantly seek new ways to secure funding from a limited pool of donors. Employing the right tools to attract and retain vital donor dollars is critical to your survival. If you’re seeking a better way to appeal to new and established benefactors alike, a digital display can be a cost-effective and eye-catching way to do so.  

Attract New Donors with a Digital Donor Wall

Read on to learn how digital donor walls are helping organizations of all sizes to exceed their fundraising goals.

Wow your visitors the moment they walk through your doors.

If you’re looking for that extra wow-factor, digital donor recognition displays can be the solution that will take your donor relations efforts to the next level. Integrative digital displays can blend in with existing architecture and include touchscreens, video walls, audio and imagery that communicate the values of your organization and those of your donors at glance.

Score new donations and prospects on the spot.

The beauty of digital and interactive donor walls is that they can evolve with your campaigns. Imagine having the ability to not only showcase campaign progress in real-time, but to allow visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to make a contribution right then and there. With an interactive digital display, it’s all possible.

Maximize the length of exposure donors receive for their generosity.

Recognizing donors is a key part of any fundraising effort. Yet, having updates made to traditional donor recognition walls can take weeks or even months. Don’t let this delay be a deterrent for would-be donors. When you incorporate digital signage into your recognition wall, updates can be automated to occur the very moment a donor makes a contribution. This means that your benefactors will enjoy a maximized length of exposure for their generous donation. What better way is there to say thank you?

Empower your staff with the ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage.

Templates and push-button technology mean that even novices can create digital displays that look professional and polished. Digital displays can allow your staff to upload benefactor logos, images, and headshots without having to reach out to a design team every time a change to graphics is needed. They can update the digital wall systems easily. Authorized staff can make simple content changes, ensuring that the displayed donor recognition information is fresh and accurate.

Grow your fundraising efforts by recognizing loyalty at every level.

You never know when a loyal contributor may boost their giving level in upcoming years. That’s why recognizing all donors, large and small, makes good business sense. While traditional donor recognition, such as engraving their names in brass mounted on a mahogany plaque, allows your organization to highlight your most generous donors, they aren’t flexible or cost-effective enough to recognize your smaller but still important donors. Digital signage offers this flexibility.

Organize large donor lists with ease.

When you have a lot of donors, managing your donor list can become cumbersome, particularly with welcome but last-minute contributions. Since digital wall systems allow you to update your donor lists throughout a campaign, you won’t have to start from scratch or reconfigure your donor list display each time new benefactors come on board.

Communicate complex stories quickly.

A digital donor wall provides flexibility and space for telling complex stories. For example, you can use interactive timelines, videos and digital photograph displays to unravel stories that happened over time. Showing that your organization is part of an ongoing legacy with a rich history enhances your organization’s credibility and encourages donations to future campaigns.

Provide your audience with a personalized brand experience.

Broadcast video segments of donor interviews, ribbon cuttings, and footage of donation dollars in action. Touchscreens as part of an interactive digital display invite visitors to create their own memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. Multi-sensory donor wall displays that include videos, touchscreens, and audio options allow visitors to consume your content in ways that they find meaningful. You can also use digital media to illustrate how your values and those of your most generous donors are aligned.

Create a more comprehensive picture of gratitude.

As you know, it takes many hands to make your charitable organization great. A digital display provides you with the flexibility to recognize donors, volunteers and organizational leaders all in one space. Dong so fosters a greater connection between the core values that bond you together.

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