Attention Grabbing Game Ideas for Your Trade Show Audience

Games for trade shows to grab attention and attract audiences

One of the best ways to draw an audience to your booth is with a crowd of people having fun, talking, and interacting with one another. Games are a great way to draw an audience, a crowd, and prospects to your door. So what kind of game should you choose when you’re considering your trade show activities?

Putting Green

A putting green is always popular and gets people’s competitive spirit going. However, it’s not very creative or outstanding. Putting can also consume a decent amount of floor space, so make sure you take that into consideration.

Game Consoles

Is there a better way to play a game? Platforms like the Nintendo Wii have multiple games to appeal to a wide range of players. Plus, they don’t take up your valuable floor space-and can be great conversation starters.

Prize Wheel

The prize wheel is another tried and true option. You can get a freestanding or countertop option, depending on your use of space. Of course, the prize wheel doesn’t take any skill, so people of all abilities will be comfortable testing their luck.


Trivia has become an increasingly popular in bars across America. While you can use it to promote your brand, it’s often better to engage attendees and ask fun or intriguing questions. Trivia questions can also be broadcasted over text or social media, allowing you to collect extra data points on respondents.


Plinko is a great, nostalgic game. It doesn’t have the element of skill or competition, but random games can also attract a crowd.

Games Don’t Make or Break Success

Using games can help you gather information in a way that’s fun for the attendees. However, the success of the game is not all up to the game itself. We see a lot of exhibitors believe their game choice was the problem when their booth was not a good representation of their brand, which in turn affects their booth traffic.

Remember, the most important thing you can do at a trade show is attracting visitors, meeting people, collecting their information, and cultivating positive relationships. Good luck with your game choice and always remember to cater the marketing strategy to your audience!


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