Jun 15, 2021 | Articles

Are you familiar with step and repeat logo backdrops?

Also known as media backdrops, these custom printed marketing tools are perfect for showcasing brands and companies when featured on TV, in print images in a newspaper or magazine, or other organic shots. Step and repeat backdrops can often be found at trade shows, press conferences, and similar events, positioned behind key spokespeople such as celebrities, athletes, coaches, and brand ambassadors. You don’t need to be famous or have a large corporation to derive value from this high quality, cost-effective visual communications tool.

Here are six of the many ways a step and repeat backdrop can benefit organizations of all types and sizes.

1. They have longevity.

Other graphics get stale or obsolete quickly but a custom logo backdrop has a long lifespan. Most visual tools are created for explicit uses such as for a particular trade show or conference so they are limited as to how they can be utilized afterwards. But because your custom backdrop is solely a repeated logo, it can be reused many times and for endless purposes. You will only need to replace it if the graphic is damaged or your organization rebrands.

2. Bring on the wow factor.

If you’re hosting an event for your donors, employees, or volunteers, for example, a step and repeat logo backdrop adds prestige, credibility, and polish. Your attendees will feel like celebrities and you will get the top-notch, professional images you’re seeking to use in internal or external publications.

3. They aren’t just for public events.

Employee photos, product images, and video production can all make good use of your step and repeat logo backdrop. Use them to reinforce your brand in press releases, at company parties, and for photo ops of all types. They can even be used to dress up dull, lifeless areas of your corporate lobby or conference room. You are limited only by your imagination!

4. Work your magic at tradeshows and events.

Step and repeat logo backdrops can make for an impressive backdrop for your display at trade shows and conventions. An eye-catching media backdrop is great way to set your display apart amid a sea of fierce competition. Set up your backdrop to look more professional, attract more people to your space, and easily connect with new clients.

5. Get an excellent return on your investment.

With your step and repeat logo backdrop in tow, you’ll soon discover endless opportunities for putting it to good use. Golf tournaments, grand openings, conferences, or other events that your company sponsors—the list goes on and on. Adler’s superior production techniques ensure durability as well as good looks, so you will be able to use your custom backdrop for many years to come.

6. You’ll enjoy exceptional quality and endless design options.

At Adler Display, our premium media backdrops are printed on a special wrinkle-resistant fabric and they provide a non-glare satin finish that’s perfect for TV and photography. We also utilize a unique printing process that produces vibrant, long-lasting graphics. Available in an endless variety of sizes and styles to meet your unique needs, our step and repeat logo backdrops are lightweight and easy to set up.

Reinforce your brand without breaking the bank. Step and repeat logo backdrops offer an affordable, eye-catching way to promote your company, organization, school, or team. They’re an effective way to feature your name and logo featured in the backgrounds of images that are sure to be seen everywhere from TV to newspapers to social media.

The visual communications experts at Adler Display are here to support your branding efforts, fulfill your marketing goals, and boost your bottom line. Please contact our talented design professionals to get started!

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