Amp Up Your Trade Show Exhibit: Tips for Displays that Get Noticed

Amp Up Your Trade Show Exhibit: Tips for Displays that Get Noticed

Amp Up Your Trade Show Exhibit: Tips for Displays that Get Noticed

With hundreds of competing exhibits on display, it takes some finesse to get noticed on the trade show floor.

In fact, research indicates that the average trade show attendee takes just three seconds to decide whether or not they’re interested in visiting a booth. That doesn’t leave much room for error. By creating some pizzazz around your company’s products and services with an eye-catching display, you can attract more visitors and boost your business, too. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make your exhibit stand out from the crowd.

Check out these trade show booth design best practices to make sure your exhibit delivers a lasting positive impression.

Graphics deserve special attention.

Blurry graphics, shoddy printing, and less-than-appealing images can be the downfall of any display. As the first thing attendees will likely notice about your exhibit, your visuals need to be flawless. The right type face, an easy to read message, appealing colors, and an appropriate use of white space are just a few of the many important considerations when it comes to display graphics. Even a seemingly simple mistake can significantly impact your overall show results, so take time to plan your visual elements carefully and consider seeking guidance from industry experts.

Add interest with lighting.

Incorporating special lighting into your display makes it more visible and appealing. It also allows you to emphasize specific aspects of your exhibit, so you can actually influence where visitors focus their attention. Integrated LEDs, uplights and spotlights are just a few of the many options available to customize the illumination in your trade show booth. Give careful thought to the amount of lighting in your display, as well. Too many lights can give a cramped appearance, while insufficient illumination can give make your booth seem bleak and lackluster. When deciding how many lights you’ll need, the size of the booth and its configuration are primary considerations.

Connect your brand.

You may have an original idea to attract attention on the trade show floor, but it’s important that it supports your overall brand. There are countless examples of trade show gimmicks that waste time and money because they’re forgotten as soon as people leave the booth. The key is to create a positive and memorable engagement with your brand. Photo booths with vivid logo backdrops, for example, are nostalgic and entertaining, and they can provide attendees with a highly personalized promotional item that they’ll associate with your brand. A simple trivia game with questions based on your industry is another great way to engage visitors while incorporating your brand. It also allows you to easily transition into chatting about your company’s products or services. Keep in mind that branding your trade show display effectively goes well beyond your logo and colors. Is your organization’s vibe spirited and fun-loving, or more serious and professional? Is it important that you give back to your community? Whatever your brand is about, echo that message throughout your exhibit.

Set an inviting atmosphere.

When you walk around a trade show floor, you’ll probably see many booths that feature a table, counter or other large furnishings at the entrance to the space. That’s a big mistake. Physical barriers like these create a sense of unwelcome and detract from the brand experience. Instead, make an effort to design an engaging space that clearly tells visitors what you do. For example, you might set up some comfortable chairs next to a low table with a customized branded cover. This allows guests to enjoy a relaxing break and take in your message, too. Another functional option is an interactive kiosk that disseminates helpful information without the need for a traditional traffic-blocking table.

Be a beacon.

Going big makes your booth visible well before attendees reach your aisle. Overhead displays are one way to attract attention and make visitors curious to find out what’s below. Large-scale banners or an oversized 3-D logo suspended from the ceiling, for example, are sure to get noticed. These display elements require some special logistical considerations, so make sure the trade show organizers can accommodate them.

Simply having a presence at a tradeshow event isn’t enough.

To make the most out of your tradeshow investment, you need to create an experience that draws visitors in and keeps their attention. A well-designed exhibit can help you tell your story effectively and persuasively.

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