6 Tips For Planning A Successful Exhibit

Trade Show Tips

Good planning is essential to getting the most out of your exhibit. Numerous elements go into successful exhibiting, with lots of logistics to manage. This makes it imperative to allow enough time to plan and strategize. Here are 6 tips for planning a successful exhibit:

  1. Determine a budget – It is a good idea to start with a budget so you remain aware of how much you can spend. For instance, having a large booth designed only to realize you can’t afford it is a waste of time and resources. This is why it’s important in knowing how much you have to spend on each aspect of the show from the start. Make a list of all your exhibiting expenses, including less obvious costs such as travel and hotel expenses, shipping your booth, and marketing collateral.
  2. Identify your goals – What do you want to accomplish by exhibiting at a trade show, and how does exhibiting fit into your overall sales and marketing strategy? These are great questions to start thinking about creating an exhibit and trade show experience. Maybe you’re looking to gain exposure for your brand, unveil and demonstrate new products or services, generate new leads, close deals, or strengthen existing relationships. Establishing specific goals will make them more realistic to achieve. Based on these goals you can determine the type of staffing, booth, technology, etc. that is required to reach them.
  3. Choose the right show and space – The first step in choosing the right show is determining your target audience. Choosing a trade show can also depend on its location, where your competitors exhibit, and the expense for reserving booth space. (Read more tips on choosing the right trade show here.) Choosing a booth space is important as well, with great spaces located in high-traffic areas. They may be located near the entrance, restrooms, food concessions, or major exhibitors. Try to stay away from dead-end aisles, loading docks, and columns that would impede visitors from seeing your booth.
  4. Design your display – Creating an eye-catching display that leaves an impression and matches the look and feel of your brand is an essential step in the planning process. Research the show’s exhibit requirements including booth height and configuration limitations. Also consider traffic flow and other needs you have based on your goals. Will you need private meeting spaces, monitors, or other technology incorporated into your booth? Remember additional elements such as carpeting or other flooring, storage, shipping, etc. If your budget is tight, consider renting a booth.
  5. Prep the staff – Selecting and training the right people to staff your booth is critical to the success of your exhibit. Make sure each and every staff member knows his or her role and the message you want visitors to receive. Practicing with booth staffers by role playing is a great way to get them ready for show day. Also consider dress codes or uniforms so everyone looks polished and coordinated.
  6. Strategize marketing for before, during, and after the show – Send pre- and post-show emails to maximize ROI from exhibiting. Trade shows usually send vendors an email list prior to the show start. Use it! Create and organize marketing collateral for the show, and also consider gimmicks that create attraction for your exhibit. This could be an expresso machine, a contest, giveaways, food, etc. Make sure visitors sign in and if possible, send personalized messages after the show thanking them for stopping by.

Exhibiting is a great way to accelerate your sales and marketing program. These tips will get you started on creating a successful exhibit. To stay on top of important deadlines create a calendar leading up to show day. For more information contact our trade show experts at 855-552-3537

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