5 Ways to Incorporate Interactive Digital Signage in the Health Care Industry

Healthcare Signage

Incorporating interactive digital signage in a health care facility has numerous benefits for both internal and external audiences. From distributing important information in real time to educating and guiding patients and visitors, interactive digital signage helps create a more welcoming and positive experience for all. Here are 5 ways to incorporate interactive digital signage in your healthcare facility:

  1. Welcome and Guide
    Entering the lobby of a healthcare facility with multiple buildings and floors can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Digital signage can ease the unfamiliarity by welcoming guests and directing them to check in stations. Interactive wayfinding signage can provide directory listings for doctors and departments and directions for how to get from point A to B. Providing clear directions gives visitors a sense of calm and helps them arrive for their appointments on time.
  2. Provide Real-Time Information and Alerts
    Dispersing information to staff, patients, and visitors throughout a large healthcare facility can be a daunting task. Fortunately, digital signage is a great solution for broadcasting information that would otherwise be difficult to deliver in a quick manner. Whether you need to communicate alerts about an emergency, room changes, upcoming seminars, or even specials at the food court and gift shop, digital signage lets you easily deliver this information in real time. Digital signage is easy to read and update making it a great replacement for outdated whiteboards.
  3. Streamline Processes
    Interactive digital displays are perfect for helping to streamline processes such as patient check in and check out. Using this technology can improve wait times allowing healthcare facilities to serve more patients. Interactive displays provide additional support for patients and visitors while other staff members are busy, helping to improve patients’ overall experience.
  4. Educate, Entertain and Distract
    Waiting for an appointment at any healthcare facility can bring anxiety. Interactive digital signage is a great way to provide entertainment, distraction, and education to help calm patients’ nerves. Digital signage can include mini games and quizzes, health tips and information, and other unique applications to promote interaction and learning. Tailoring the information to department-related topics is a great way to pass on important information to patients and their families while they are waiting to be seen.
  5. Recognize and Encourage Donors
    Using interactive digital signage is effective for recognizing donors and encouraging future ones. Some healthcare facilities create videos of donors discussing why they donated money to the institution to share with visitors. Others have taken a more unique route and made it possible for visitors to sign up as organ donors by using a touch screen display and scanning their licenses. Interactive digital technology creates countless ways to make donor recognition interactive and memorable.

A comprehensive plan to incorporate interactive digital signage in your healthcare facility can go a long way to create a positive and informative experience for patients, staff, and visitors. Don’t be hesitant to start small, as many technologies are scalable over time. Read more about the benefits of interactive displays here


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