5 Ways to Grab Media Attention at Your Next Event

Grab Media Attention at Your Next Event

Does your brand have a newsworthy product or exciting new offering? A successful free media strategy can be a big asset to your paid media efforts. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get media attention for your brand or product at your next tradeshow.

  1. Do your homework.  There is a lot of competition for media time out there including your competitors, the market, industry trends, so advance work is a must if you want to break through the clutter and get positive attention in the media.

    Don’t be satisfied with sending out a simple press release to the show’s media list. Think about what your media goals are, who is in your target audience, and then reach out to the journalists and publications that can reach them and help you meet your goals.
  2. Make sure your product or announcement is newsworthy and relevant. Take a step back and analyze the trends and themes in your industry. Is your new product or offering:
    1. Fitting into and strengthening a trend?
    2. Going counter to prevailing trends?
    3. Differentiating you from the competition in your industry?
  3. Get them to visit. The trade show press, journalists, and bloggers are working too, so having a fun activity or game is a great way to bring them over. For more on this, see our last blog (link).
  4. Stay social online and off. Prep your tradeshow sales team on the message you want to get out. Don’t let your planning go to waste by not making sure all your team members know what to do when a reporter stops by. Keep on top of industry blogs, Twitter feeds, and, of course, the tradeshow hashtag to find out what attendees and reporters are talking about, visiting, and listening to.

    Make sure to invite the media to any cocktail events, happy hours, or other social events you have planned around the show. Media members love free food and drink as much as anyone, so this is a great way to get them to learn and talk about your brand, products, and offerings.  This can also help build relationships with news outlets who will want to cover your brand again in the future.
  5. Finally, you have to follow through. It’s not enough to just hand a blogger or reporter a brochure and assume you’ll see an article in your industry’s trade publications. Deadlines are a real thing, so ensure you’re reaching out to reporters, answering questions, and staying top of mind. Continue to build relationships, offer information, and be available for the media. Remember, they want good stories as much as you want good publicity, so help them help you meet your media goals and objectives. 

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