5 Ways To Get The Most From Your Banner Stand

Banner Stands

Once your trade show is over you may have an extra banner stand or two on hand. Instead of immediately storing it in a closet, consider other uses to get the most of it. Here are some ideas for reusing your banner stands:

  1. Office Branding - Step up your office branding by displaying a banner stand in your lobby. The graphics can be welcoming and educate visitors on your business’ products, services, mission statement, or even history and milestones. Banner stands with your logo help visitors confirm they are in the right place. They make the office space more unique to your organization.
  2. Presentation/Conferences/Seminars – When presenting at a business conference or seminar, bringing visuals is always a great way to represent your company and reinforce your message. Banner stands are compact and lightweight, making them easy to travel with. Don’t forget to bring yours next time you deliver a presentation. It will make you look more professional, prepared, and on top of your game, while constantly reinforcing your brand while you are speaking.
  3. Sponsored events – Sponsoring events is a great way to support great causes and get your name out there. Brand recognition goes a long way in a crowded space. Signage, such as banner stands, makes you more visible to passersby and helps you increase your business’ visibility.
  4. Replaceable Graphics – Some banner stands allow you to keep the hardware, while you replace the graphic. This cuts down on costs, and lets you easily change out one graphic for another based on the event you are attending. This is a smart way to reuse an existing banner stand. Make sure to plan in advance by choosing a banner stand with this functionality.
  5. Outdoors – While some banner stands are specifically made for outdoor use, many indoor stands can be used outdoors as well, as long as the weather cooperates. Refrain from taking an indoor banner stand if the day is calling for inclement weather such as wind or rain. Otherwise, you should be good to go for a one or two day event. Just don’t store it outside for long periods of time.

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