5 Tips for Showing Your Employees Your Appreciation

Employee Recognition Tips

Recognizing and showing appreciation for your employees’ accomplishments and efforts goes a long way for the success of your company. Numerous studies have demonstrated employees who feel valued have higher levels of job performance and are more likely to be engaged in their work while feeling satisfied and motivated. Here are 5 tips for showing employees your appreciation:

  1. Give visible recognition to make an impact. Instead of expressing it one-on-one, provide positive feedback in a way that everyone can see. Public recognition allows the person to receive praise in front of their peers. It will also boost the performance of others who are witnessing the public praise, by inspiring them to work towards the same kind of rewards and recognition.
  2. Be specific in your praise so people know exactly what they are being recognized for, and therefore, know what types of behaviors and actions to repeat. Again, this sets an example for others to follow. It is also more powerful to praise a person for one or two specific things, rather than a general “good job!” It makes the feedback feel more genuine and thought out. It also lets employees know what the company values so employees have a blueprint for success.
  3. Give praise often. Don’t leave employees waiting and wondering where they stand. Employees who feel secure in their jobs and performances, and appreciated, are much more likely to go the extra mile. You also don’t have to wait for a giant milestone. Give recognition for small accomplishments along the way.
  4. Create a system where employees can recognize their peers’ contributions. This can create a strong and supportive company culture, and build robust teamwork. You can also give praise to an entire team for their work together. It doesn’t have to be individual based.
  5. Consider giving something along with the recognition, like additional PTO or a three-day weekend. You can even show your appreciation by buying lunch for everyone or taking them on an outing. This changes things up and encourages everyone to have fun together and enjoy one another’s company outside of the office.

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