5 Tips for Choosing the Most Beneficial Trade Shows to Attend

Trade Show Tips

The most beneficial trade show differs for companies and organizations. Choosing the right show requires careful consideration of your goals as an exhibitor, as well as the logistics of attending different shows. Once you determine the best fit, it’s time to reserve your space and start planning. Before reaching that step, here are some tips we’ve collected for choosing the most beneficial trade show:

  1. Establish Your Goals – What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to boost your brand’s visibility or launch a new product or service? Maybe you are looking to collect new leads, or continue to cultivate relationships with former or current business contacts. You may also be eyeing up the competition to ensure your company’s name remains relevant. Once you establish your goals for the trade show it’s easier to determine the most beneficial show to attend. This should also include your target audience and customer profile. It’s important to keep in mind who you want your message to reach.
  2. Determine Your Budget – Exhibiting at a trade show can vary greatly when it comes to costs so make sure to determine how much you are willing to spend. You will need to research how much it costs to attend each trade show you are considering.  Your budget should include items such as show services, travel expenses, promotional items, and shipping. Here is a more in depth look at creating a trade show budget.
  3. Research Place and Location – When starting your research it’s important to find out the dates and locations of shows in your industry. How far you are willing to travel can have an impact on what shows are realistic options for you. You need to figure out if your booth will be ready in time to exhibit or if you have any conflicting events. Also, check availability for booth sizes and locations to ensure you get your money’s worth, as booth location can have a significant impact on the amount of traffic you receive.
  4. Collect Attendee Information – Research the show’s demographics and statistics to get a better idea if exhibiting will help you reach your goals. Will there be influencers, buyers, and purchasers so that you can close new deals? Find out what percentage of the attendees fit your customer profile. This information should be available on the show’s website, or by contacting show management. Also determine how long the show has been running, and if the attendee and exhibitor list has been growing or shrinking in recent years.  
  5. Ask Around – Sometimes the best and most honest information comes from someone’s experience instead of the show’s website. Contact past exhibitors and vendors who aren’t direct competitors to inquire about their experiences. Also ask your customers which shows they attend. This is a great way to gain insight into whether the show is useful for meeting goals. Find out if the past exhibitors and vendors are planning to attend again.

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