4 Ways To Keep Your Trade Show Staff Motivated

4 Ways To Keep Your Trade Show Staff Motivated

Motivating your trade show staff can be tough during a long exhibit season. By the end of the season, small talk feels exhausting, smiles have been permanently plastered on, and everyone just wants to get on the flight home. Therefore, keeping an eye on your team’s mental and physical health is important.

It’s vital that your team not just be physically present at shows, but excited and enthusiastic to interact with attendees. Sales staffers who are fired up and motivated are far more effective than those just filling a seat. So how can you get your sales team in a killer mood?

1. Know your team.

Pick sales staff members who have excellent product knowledge and customer service skills. They are your company’s ambassadors, so make sure they have a positive attitude about working the show floor before it starts. It’s much easier to build on a strong foundation.

2. Be goal-oriented.

Establishing clear individual and team goals will give your team realistic targets and measures. Personalized goals curb unproductive habits, increase accountability, and build motivation for your staff.

3. Build a team

No one can man an island booth alone. Isn’t that the old saying? As you pick your team, make sure you consider their personalities, competencies, and goals. This information should inform your team goals and ensure that when a member of your staff needs a helping hand, one is available. Don’t micro-manage either. Give your team autonomy to call their own plays and go with the flow of the show for the best results. If everyone is motivating each other, it will make your job a lot simpler.

4. Provide recognition and rewards.

Many employees are even more motivated by individual recognition and awards than they are by financial incentives. During and after the show, take time to recognize your staff’s efforts and achievements. Extra points if you can bring in a member of upper management. Even then, you don’t have to break the bank with rewards. Compliments, awards, and small gifts can go a long way towards making your top staffers feel appreciated.

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