Sep 21, 2020 | Articles

As technology evolves, introducing bigger and better options, sports facilities continue to up their signage games.

From impressive digital screens to creative wayfinding signage, fans can be treated to an experience that is visually attractive and exciting. While signage is often overlooked during design and construction of a facility because it is one of the last things to be added, this is a mistake. For facilities of all sizes, signage is essential in improving fan and visitor experience in several ways.


  1. Display live updates and connect your social media.  A major trend today is using digital signage to show live updates, whether this includes up-to-the-minute game stats, or your team’s real-time social media feed. Creating a display that connects to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter makes the fan experience interactive, allowing people to post pictures in their game-day gear. Digital media can also be used as a way to advertise contests, marketing campaigns such as giveaway days, and current merchandise being featured in your team stores.
  2. Help visitors find their way around.  Sports facilities can be large and overwhelming. Therefore, a well thought out and comprehensive wayfinding system increases the fan experience by helping people find their way around with ease. Signage should be clear when directing people towards their seats, concession stands, restrooms, exits, etc. Also, make sure all of your facility signage is ADA compliant.
  3. Wear your creative hat.  Signage provides an excellent opportunity to show your team’s creative side. Incorporating your branding colors, styles, and fonts throughout creates one cohesive look. You can also use your mascot and other team logos to boost the look and feel of your signs. Signage can also include murals on walls and windows, support columns, elevators, unsightly fences, and floors.
  4. Make a big impact for visibility and versatility.  Jumbotrons add a big punch to any stadium. They are visually catchy and a great place to show both live shots and replays. Today’s sports facilities are also often used for other events in addition to sports, such as concerts. Big screens, such as jumbotrons, are essential for concerts and these other types of events. Lots of large signage around the facility is also a great way to generate sponsorship and display messages from your advertisers. Plus, it serves as prime space for promoting future events.

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