4 Tips for Converting Leads from Your Next Trade Show

The purpose of a trade show is to gain visibility and exposure for your company in a specific industry.  The majority of attendees are in the decision making and purchase process looking to make connections and find business opportunities to fit their needs.  According to TSNN data, 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.  Now, how do you convert them into closed sales?  As always, persistence is key; closing on trade show leads is a marathon not a sprint. 

Here are 4 tips to converting leads from your next trade show:

  1. Pre-Show Mailing List
    Most trade shows send out a pre-show mailing list so exhibitors can reach out to attendees in advance.  Use this mailing list to send ‘call-to-action’ postcards containing your booth location, product overview, and contest prizes.  Ask them to bring the postcard with them to the show to receive a free gift, and invite them into the booth to talk further about a specific product. Using the pre-show mailing list puts your company’s name in front of the attendee before they even get to the show.
  2. Book meetings beforehand
    A second use to the pre-show mailing list is cold calling. Even though it’s tough to catch someone on the phone these days, it’s still an effective form of introducing yourself.  In doing so, stack your schedule with back-to-back meetings to have a constant flow of attendees in and around your booth.  This will give onlookers the impression that there is something worth stopping to see.     
  3. Fast Follow-ups
    The longer you wait to follow-up with hot leads, the more likely your connection and business solution will fade from the prospects memory.  As suggested for hot leads, it’s best to follow-up within 48 hours, warm leads no later than one week, and cold leads within one month.  Persistent follow-ups will keep you “top of mind” during and after the trade show, and being “top of mind” puts your service or product in the running of the decision making process.  
  4. Engage via Social Media
    Follow your top leads by sending a connection request within 3 to 5 days after the event.  If your business is B2B, it’s highly recommended to connect via LinkedIn as that is the designated business social channel.  You don’t want to invade prospects personal private space.  When sending a connection, include a friendly reminder of your interaction and what was discussed, so they don’t assume it’s a random request.  Once you are connected, send helpful information on your organization and the specific product they are interested in.

The key in closing sales from your hottest prospects is by consistently contacting them in a casual unbothersome manner.  Each touchpoint should be helpful, relevant, and motivating to make a purchase.  You won’t be able to close every deal, nor will every prospect be a good fit, but a great sales representative will identify when to press on, or when to walk away.      

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