4 Tips for Choosing the Best Location for Your Booth

Trade Show Tips

Similar to real estate properties, choosing the best location for your trade show booth is important. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the best location, since every show and organization is different, we outlined some general guidelines to follow when choosing the location for your booth.

  1. Define your requirements and goals. Your booth’s location is part of your overall show strategy so consider what you are trying to accomplish and how your location will lend itself to increasing your success. Also consider the logistics of your booth and show budget. How much space do you need for your exhibit? How is your booth configured, such as an inline booth, island, or peninsula? How will the traffic flow once attendees enter your booth?
  2. Review your options. Every show should have a floor plan you can access prior to the event. Once you review the layout, think about the traffic flow at the particular show. Your location selection should be guided by sources of major traffic flow so consider the location of the entrance and exits, registration, food area, conference sessions, etc. Watch out for barriers such as freight doors, huge columns, or fire apparatus, and possible low traffic areas such as dead-end aisles and alcoves.
  3. Think about booth psychology. Consider patterns of how attendees walk the show floor and other factors such as the location of your competitors. Exhibitors often employ different tactics when thinking about attendee traffic and psychology. Some popular locations are right at the beginning of the show after the registration area, in the center of the floor where there is heightened visibility, and along the wide aisles of the show floor where there is extra room for attendees to walk.
  4. Make notes each year about your location. Write down what you liked and did not like about your space. Was it helpful for accomplishing your show goals? Would a different space be better next time? Make notes regarding the location of your competitors, the flow of traffic, and any physical barriers that got in the way.

Securing the best location for your booth is only one part of creating a successful trade show experience. Combined with a great location, having a solid strategy, an engaging booth, and knowledgeable staff will be sure to pay off. Read more about measuring your trade show ROI in one of our recent articles.

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