Dec 20, 2020 | Articles

While digital signage offers numerous advantages year round, it can be especially helpful during and after the pandemic. With businesses in many sectors experiencing unique pandemic-related challenges, digital signage can offer a boost when striving to meet a wide range of goals. For starters, it helps organizations connect with, educate, and motivate consumers. It can also increase social distancing by requiring less face-to-face interactions, such as when ordering food or beverages, or checking in at a doctor’s office.

Digital signage is appropriate in a variety of settings including shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, schools, restaurants, museums, and more.

Here are 4 reasons to rely on digital signage during and after the pandemic.

  1. Attract attention in a busy world. Digital signage offers high definition images and videos with vibrant colors. When grabbing attention, this provides an obvious advantage over static signage. It is more memorable and eye-catching. Digital signage can also be used as exciting art. It can make any space visually interesting by adding a video wall with changeable content.
  2. Benefit from easily updatable signage. Digital signage allows you to change your message at a moment’s notice. This is important during a pandemic when information is fluid and getting the right information to people is of utmost importance. The content displayed by digital signage in easily updateable and can be done from anywhere. No one has to be on site. With updateable signage, you can also experiment with different messages, images, etc. to see which helps you most successfully reach your goals. No reprinting required.
  3. Engage consumers to improve experience. Digital signage is perfect when it comes to engaging consumers and creating better experiences. Whether your goal is more sales, educating patients, or helping people navigate a large building or complex, digital signage can create a personalized experience by allowing people to interact directly with the technology. People can explore options and navigate at their own pace. This individualized experience makes for a more memorable one. Touch screens are great for adding interactivity, and can include social media feeds, games, interactive educational content, and more.
  4. Inspire buying and/or action. Commercials have been a mainstay in advertising to and educating audiences for as long as television has been around. Data shows they work. Digital signage allows you to bring “commercials” into the public world with digital signage that can show vibrant images and video, and deliver your message where you want consumers, patients, or others to view it. This is a great tool for persuading buying decisions and other actions.

During and after the pandemic, most of us could use some extra help. Allow digital signage to give you that boost. For more information, contact our display experts at 855-552-3537.

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