4 Proven Tips for Choosing the Best Trade Show Booth Location

All booth spaces are not created equal. The location of your booth space can be key to increasing foot traffic and visitors to your booth space. Don’t let an intern fling darts at the floor plan to pick a booth space- take some time to scout out a prime location.

Get In Early

Reserve your booth space as soon as possible. Some shows operate on a first come, first served basis, while others might be assigned based on past participation. No matter what your show does, plan ahead of time and see what spaces are available. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the show organizers- they might be able to switch your spot in case of a cancellation.

Go Where They Are

The more traffic, the better, right? That’s why locations near the entrances are often the most desirable and have the largest booths. If you can’t be next to the entrance, consider other highly trafficked areas like restrooms or food areas. Being close to high traffic areas will bring more attendees past your display.

Past Experience

Sailors and soldiers can tell you that you can study maps and charts all you like, but nothing compares to experiencing the area in person. If you can, walk the exhibit hall during a show and study the traffic flow. Are there hotspots you might not have thought of? Bigger exhibits that draw foot traffic? Walking the floor in person can give you a good sense of place and help you confirm that the show is right for your brand.

Avoidance Maneuvers

Most show visitors in the US tend to go to the right as they enter a doorway. You may want to avoid the far left hand side of the space if there is nothing to draw attendees over and up the aisles.

You’ll also want to keep some space between you and your competitors. Try not to be in the same area, so attendees don’t mix up your product offerings.

Don’t leave selecting a location for your trade show exhibit to chance. If you find yourself in need of some guidance or have additional questions about selecting a prime spot, give us a call at 855.552.3537.

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