3 Tips for Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles Before Your Big Event!

Social Media Profile Optimization

Social media can be a great way to spread your business’ name and engage stakeholders authentically. At trade shows, this means connecting with potential consumers, future employees, and companies you might collaborate or compete with. To make it easier for these people to connect with your business, make sure you’re easy to find by optimizing your social presence before, during, and after the trade shows you attend. Here are a few tips to get your business to stand out in the crowded social space.

1. Customize your background images and cover photos with brand imaging. Photos and images are increasingly dominant across most social media. Make sure when potential prospects engage with you, they come away with a good first impression.

Brand imaging is becoming more important as social moves away from wordy, text-driven content and more towards memes, images and GIFs. Make sure your brand stays relevant to users searching for a solution to their pain point.

2. Use keywords and keyword research to determine and share content that’s relevant to your audience. Don’t get caught in the trap of posting content that only appeals to you. Do research to see what hashtags, keywords, and phrases are being used in your space and engage with them.

You should also use different keywords for different aspects of your social strategy. Consider that what is being searched on Google is not necessarily trending on Twitter. Your social strategy should be flexible enough to adapt to the many sides of social.

3. Make sure your social profiles stay current. Linking to your primary business site, other social sites, and even other business profiles in your space can be a valuable strategy. Every connection you enable makes you more likely to be found. Don’t just set it and forget it.

Therefore, an important but often overlooked part of social media is showing up and being social. Engage with hashtags, trending searches, and questions from users. Don’t expect your social media to have much of an impact if it stays dormant most of the time. 

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