3 Simple Ways You Can Maximize Booth Traffic With Games & Contests at Your Next Trade Show

Trade Show Tips

Games and contests are great options for attracting traffic to your trade show booth. Whether they test attendees’ knowledge on the event’s subject matter, incorporate interactive technology, or allow visitors to compete for prizes, they are sure to create excitement. Here are 3 simple ways you can maximize booth traffic with games and contests at your next trade show:

1. Assess your show goals

Are you looking to your booth to build brand awareness, generate leads for your sales team, drive immediate revenue, or upsell existing customers? The game, contest, or activity you choose should support your goals.

You should also consider marketing your game or activity before the trade show even begins. Try placing teasers in the weeks and months before a show on popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use branded images or video along with official event hashtags, and your own unique hashtag, to build suspense and drive traffic during the show.

2. Consider your demographic

Who are you trying to reach at your booth? Research the age, experience, and values of your ideal customer and match those characteristics to your game or activity. Millennials and Baby Boomers might not enjoy the same contest, so consider tailoring your booth’s game to what’s popular in your ideal age brackets.

When you consider who your brand wants to reach at trade shows, it’s also important not to make assumptions when you’re on site. Don’t be afraid to make tweaks or changes as needed if you feel like your game isn’t maximizing your goals and increasing value in the way you intended.

3. Prioritize engagement

No matter who you’re trying to reach, no one wants to put yet another business card into a fishbowl and walk away hoping they might hear something on the last day of the show. Make sure you and your booth staff members drive traffic value by engaging with contestants, making connections while keeping your brand image and theme in mind.

Activities and games always work better when participants are actively absorbed in what’s happening, so remember to make them a central figure. Business travel can be stressful, so help attendees relax and have fun at your booth. You’ll be well rewarded!


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