Impress your visitors. You know your way around your facility, office or campus and you may not even be aware of its directional signage anymore, but every visitor is sure to notice it.  Illegible, missing or inconsistent navigational signage does not contribute to a positive first impression. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to put your best foot forward.

Functionality matters.  Campuses, hospitals and large buildings often have complicated, sprawling layouts, so a clear, effective wayfinding plan is essential. Signage helps to inform and direct visitors, students, patients, guests, staff members, vendors and anyone else spending time on your campus.

  • Ensure that campus buildings are clearly identified. 
  • Incorporate interactive maps with screens in the main areas to assist with navigation.
  • Rooms should be clearly marked with visible signage that uses accurate, consistent naming and language.

Promote your identity. Properly executed navigational signage reinforces your brand by incorporating your logo, colors, style, and more. The quality of your signage will make an impression regarding the quality of the experience your organization has to offer, so you want to ensure that it’s a positive one.

Get a leg up on the competition. Vying for new audiences --- whether they are students, patients, or clients----- can be fierce, and the appearance of your facility matters. The easier new visitors can identify and navigate their surroundings, the better experience they will have at your campus. Cohesive campus signage also affords a sense of comfort by helping people identify how to get to their intended destination and where the campus begins and ends.

Leave every visitor with a great impression. Everyone who enters your doors is a potential constituent. Effective directional and room signage is a crucial part of making them feel welcomed, engaged and impressed. Put our expertise to work to create a wayfinding system that will make your visitors eager to return.

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